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  • 45M Barbarossa Assault Tank

    45M Barbarossa Assault Tank

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    The 45M Barbarossa Assault Tank, named after the famous red-bearded emperor, is the primary heavy tank of the Empire. With its thick armor and numerous shield generators it has proven incredily durable, and adept at breaking through heavily fortified enemy positions.

    - This set comes with five main cannon options, two secondary cannon options, and five sponson options, allowing for fifty unique loadouts!

    -- This set comes premade for magnetization using 6x3mm magnets. With those you can easily swap out all weapons as well as the track guards.


    28mm scale. Resin printed.

    1x Hull (3 parts)

    2x Hull Guns

    2x Tracks (4 parts)

    12x Track Guard Parts

    10x Sponsons

    6x Cupolas

    5x Cannons

    1x Turret


    All products shipped as seen in photographs, but unassembled. Prints have been cured after cleanly removing supports. All products ship in grey shades of resin.

    Sold under license from Golden Dragon Games

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