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  • Heavy Bolter Team Heavy Weapons Support

    Heavy Bolter Team Heavy Weapons Support

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    28mm scale. Resin printed. Solid (non-hollowed)

    3x Bodies
    5x Heads
    2x Bolters (Open and Closed Ammo Box)
    1x Gun Carriage
    3x Backpacks
    14x Arms (gun handle, binoculars, guns, ammo, etc)
    1x Optional 60mm Round Resin Base

    *Essentially all Concordian Starborne soldiers can mix and match heads, arms and backpacks.

    All products shipped as seen in photographs, but unassembled. Prints have been cured after cleanly removing supports. All products ship in grey shades of resin.
    *Note that I'm shipping the thicker more standard style of bases (like in the artist's renders) rather than the thin style seen in my test print/assembly photos.
    All models now printed on 8k machines with blends of Phrozen and Siraya Tech resin, including 5-15% Tenacious for high strength
    I recommend buying bulk plastic bases on aliexpress or some such place as they are expensive to manufacture in resin.

    Sold under license from Golden Dragon Games

    Orders over $85USD ship free.

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