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  • Lancet Droids - The Hive

    Lancet Droids - The Hive

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    28mm scale. Resin printed. Solid (non-hollowed)

    Builds 6 battlesuits.

    All weapons and support systems can be mounted with 3x2mm magnets for easy swapping.


    6x Torso (2x A, 2x B, 2x C)
    12x Thrusters
    6x Waist
    5x Missile Pod
    5x Airburst Frag Launcher
    5x Fusion Blaster
    5x Flamer
    5x Plasma Rifle
    5x Burst Cannon
    5x Cyclonic Ion Blaster
    12x Shoulderpads
    10x Heads (2x A, 2x B, 2x C, 2x D, 2x E)
    8x Shoulder Weapon Mounts
    20x Arms (4x A, 4x B, 4x C, 4x D, 4x E)
    12x Legs [6 pose pairs)
    12x Support Systems (Shoulder/Thruster Mounted) [2x Shield Gen, 2x Counter Defense System, 2x Velocity Tracker, 2x Multi-Tracker, 2x Target Lock, 2x Early Warning Override]
    16x Leg Armor [4x A, 4x B, 4x C, 4x D]
    6x Optional Round Bases (40mm, 50mm, 60mm) [Photographed are 40s and 60s]

    All products shipped as seen in photographs, but unassembled. Prints have been cured after cleanly removing supports. All products ship in grey shades of resin.

    Sold under license from The Hive

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