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  • Laser Cannon - Starborne Light Artillery

    Laser Cannon - Starborne Light Artillery

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    28mm scale. Resin printed. Solid (non-hollowed)

    1x Lascannon (With Cable & Battery Pack)
    1x Carriage Assembly (Several parts with extra pins)
    4x Loose Deco Bits (Crates, Toolbox)
    8x Crewmen (Commander, Radio man, etc)
    10x Crewmen Heads
    1x Optional 100mm round resin base (I recommend getting a plastic base if available cheaper as such a large piece is expensive to print in resin)

    *Video/Photography coming soon

    All products shipped as seen in photographs, but unassembled. Prints have been cured after cleanly removing supports.

    Sold under license from Golden Dragon Games

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    Note that it can take me anywhere from 1-4 weeks before your order comes up in the queue for printing!
    Let me know if you are in a hurry due to a tournament/contest etc.
    Please try to avoid placing orders worth less than ~$10; this is barely worth the packaging and time it takes to prepare and ship.

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