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  • M40 Sherman Russ Battle Tank

    M40 Sherman Russ Battle Tank

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    Hull Type
    Tracks Type

    28mm scale. Resin printed.

    1x Hull (optionally with rear rails)
    2x Tracks (Bare or Covered)
    2x Sponson Mounts
    2x Sponson Guns (Bolters, Flamers, Meltas or Plasma)
    4x Hull Gun 
    2x Cupolas (refer to renders for options)
    1x Turret
    2x Pintle Guns
    3x Cannons (refer to renders for options)
    2x Crewmen; Commander & Gunner (from the Stowage & Tank Crew)
    2x Hatches (optionally replace sponson mounts)

    (Contact me to let me know your loadout choices for cannons, cupolas & sponsons as there are too many options to add as listing variants, alternatively purchase the upgrade kit for every option)

    All products shipped as seen in photographs, but unassembled. Prints have been cured after cleanly removing supports. All products ship in grey shades of resin.

    Sold under license from Golden Dragon Games


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