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  • Thundercrash Droid - The Hive

    Thundercrash Droid - The Hive

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    28mm scale. Resin printed. Most larger parts are hollowed. There are no visible drainage holes after assembly (hidden in ball joints).

    Stands about 6" tall, weighs nearly 300g.

    2x Foot
    2x Lower Leg
    2x Thigh
    2x Stabilizer (Back Leg Attachment, Slides On Rod)
    1x Waist
    1x Torso
    2x Upper Arm
    2x Shoulder
    2x Shoulder Joint
    2x Missile Pod (Lower Arms)
    3x Pairs of Weapon Options; Airburst Frag Launcher, Burst Cannon, Flamer (Attaches To Missile Pod)
    1x Head
    2x Shoulder Mount Plug (Can be used in place of top shoulder guns)
    1x Blast Cannon (Top Shoulder Mount)
    1x Driver Cannon (Top Shoulder Mount)

    *Hive Warriors on 25mm bases depicted for scale reference.
    *Some post-processing will be required due to the size of the model ie sanding/putty particularly on the ball joints.

    All products shipped as seen in photographs, but unassembled. Prints have been cured after cleanly removing supports. All products ship in grey shades of resin.

    Sold under license from The Hive

    Orders over $85USD ship free.

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